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The Seven Golden Secrets Of A Successful Stadium

The Seven Golden Secrets Of A Successful Stadium

"Back in the summer of 1996, I secretly met Kevin Keegan to discuss my possible transfer from Blackburn Rovers to Newcastle United. I was living in Southport and Kevin drove down from the North and we met at a friends house in Huddersfield which was roughly the half way point."

"That evening I attended a Bryan Adams Rock Concert at the futuristic nearby McAlpine Stadium. Paul Fletcher took me into Bryan’s dressing room before the show and then hosted me in the Executive Boxes he had helped design. Later that evening Paul took Gary Neville, a young David Beckham and a few others onto the stage during the show."

That brief memory tells you all you need to know about Paul Fletcher. In a world of theorists he is the stadium specialist who leads from the front. He does the deals and understands at firsthand how everything works in practice and exactly what it takes to build and successfully run a stadium.

As one paid up member of the “Former Centre Forwards Association” to another:


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