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The Seven Golden Secrets Of A Successful Stadium

Sample Chapter


Chapter 2: S M A R T

"Having a neat or well cared for appearance"

Succinct Design

If you are the CEO, operator, manager, or owner of a current football stadium it is highly likely that your stadium will have ‘evolved’ over the last 20, 40, or 60 years. Different Boards of Directors will have demolished the old stands and built new ones and often the stands you see in your old stadium are fourth or fifth generation. The way your building operates will be well established and all the problems will have been ironed out over the previous years.

Your new stadium will be totally different. Many of the things you take for granted in your existing stadium will need to be ‘thought-through-afresh’ in your new stadium. Let me give you some examples of some simple questions to consider at your new stadium:

  • Where will the post be delivered?
  • How many fire extinguishers will be needed?
  • Where will the toilet rolls be stored?
  • Where do the stewards leave their coats?
  • How many telephone handsets are needed?
  • Where will kick-plates be required on the doors?
  • Who holds the keys to which rooms?
  • Where do the ball-boys and ball-girls and cheerleaders get changed?

And on and on the questions go; the list is endless. Every question needs to be thought through and answered. The next sections consider a number of these questions.